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Artist Spotlight: Julian Glander

When did you first start making GIFs? What was the first GIF you made?

The year was 2004, and I was a bright-eyed high school freshman. I made some really tacky animated “punk” posters for a band I was in. I wish I could share them, but the computer I used is in a landfill somewhere outside Tampa, FL.

What kind of a process do you go through to create your art?

I start with a concept or a joke in my head and goof around with it on the computer until it feels right, then I post it online or send it to the client, generally all in one sitting. When I’m out of ideas, I read or walk around Bed-Stuy. I also take naps and drink a lot of MTN Dew*. Okay, so basically I get ideas and then I do them on my little computer just like everyone else on the planet. I guess this wasn’t a very insightful answer. 
*This portion of the interview sponsored by MTN Dew

Why GIF art? What makes it more appealing than other mediums?

The opportunity for humor and surprise is a huge draw for me (no pun intended, but pretty good, huh?). You can add a little wiggle or doodle to just about any image and totally transform it. I don’t set out to make “funny” or “goofy” work but if I make something that doesn’t amuse me it usually goes in the trash. I like to imagine a stodgy old art businessman getting really upset over my illustrations because they’re so dumb.

Who are a few of your favorite GIF artists/artists in general?

Sticking with close personal friends to keep this list short: 
Kevvy Metal
J.R. Phillips
Wayne White
Kyle Sauer
Pablo Picasso
Cindy Suen
John Baldessari
Mark Mothersbaugh
Tim Lahan
Ernest Hemingway
Stanley Kubrick

What is your all-time favorite GIF?

I can’t believe you’d make me pick just one! I’d have to go with this sophisticated expression of the joyless ennui of life in post-consumer America:

Check out Julian Glander’s artist page on Giphy here.

Download a screensaver of Julian Glander’s art here.


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